The VA And Medical Cannabis.

This past October, Democratic members of the House Veterans Affairs Committee wrote a letter asking VA Secretary David Shulkin why his department is not conducting research into medical cannabis. In the letter, Tim Walz (Minn.) and the other nine Democratic committee members mentioned in many states that have medical cannabis programs, cannabis is recommended for […]

Congress And America Respond To AG Sessions Move On Cannabis.

In a bold move on January 4th, Attorney General Jeff Sessions pulled the Cole memo from practice by the Department of Justice. This move, seen by many as a prelude to Federal crackdowns on cannabis, opened the door to prosecution by the DOJ of individuals and companies that were engaged in completely state legal businesses. […]

Cannabis Is A Medicine, The FDA Proves It.

We have heard for a long time that “Marijuana isn’t medicine”, and we continue to hear it to this day. The FDA repeats this mantra regularly. Yet this seems to fly in the face of more and more mounting evidence. In addition, there is something I have also heard for a long time that seems […]

What If Cannabis Wasn't Evil? Part 3

In part 3 of this post we are going to examine the impact of the cannabis industry specifically on the United States economy overall. It is from the economic perspective that cannabis truly reveals itself as, not only “not evil”, but an enormous force for good in modern America. We’ll focus here on the economic […]

What If Cannabis Wasn't Evil? Part 2

Many people oppose cannabis based on their fear of its’ impact upon society. And while negative stereotypes abound, none appear to be supported by fact. The presumption of cannabis as some kind of “gateway drug” or demoralizing impact on society was recently retired by a study in The American Journal of Public Health. After carefully […]

What If Cannabis Wasn't Evil?

Every day in America we find ourselves waking up in the midst of a social revolution. Titans are crumbling, industries are being redefined and even statues and icons, some beloved for years, now fall like stones in a crumbling castle. A larger wave of change than we have seen in decades now rolls across America. […]

Welcome To The Purplebees Extracts Blog!

Welcome to Purplebees Extracts. We produce products made with supercritical CO2 extraction technology. We use no hydrocarbon solvents in our extraction process, only pure CO2 gas is used to extract critical compounds from the cannabis plant. We never use any form of adulterant in our final products. All products are purely extracted 100% cannabis with […]

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