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Who We Are

A Family First, A Company Second.

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Veteran and woman founded, we are committed to providing the highest quality products that customers like and can trust. 

Purplebee's strives to manufacture the finest cannabis extracts and infused-products with an enduring commitment to providing the highest quality products to our customers and promoting sustainable business practices that respect our Earth, environment, and community. We operate in a manner that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve quality of life.

For us, extraction is an art -- a craft-- and we cut no corners to ensure every batch is the finest we can make for any particular strain or product. Our extraction techniques allow us to separate out the plant material, waxes and oils to isolate the key ingredients that consumers desire: cannabinoids and terpenoids. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself.

Purplebee's CO2 Extraction Facility
Plant Manager, Neil, doing a quality check on distillate
Distillate - the bee's knees!
Founders, Jim and Pam Parco
Greenwood's Diner - Now Purplebee's and Mesa Organics
Reefer Madness!

A History of Purplebee's

Jim and Pam Parco founded Purplebee's and grew up in Pueblo County. In fact, Jim was born and raised next door to where the facility is today. He remembers when Pueblo had a thriving steel industry, and he witnessed the devastation of losing it in the 1980s. Pueblo never really recovered, and it remained one of the most economically depressed counties in the state for decades.
When Colorado legalized adult-use retail cannabis in November 2012, Jim & Pam saw an opportunity. After retiring from the Air Force after twenty years on active duty, they moved back home and started a vertically-integrated operation. Since then, Pueblo County has seen an economic boom — all thanks to cannabis legalization.
Jim grew up next to Greenwood’s Restaurant - a thriving diner from the 1940s until 1980 (pictured above). The small building sat on the corner of Baxter Road and Highway 50 East on the outskirts of Pueblo. Eventually, the diner closed and changed hands, and the building became a bar and later, two different Mexican restaurants. Then when the roof collapsed from a lack of maintenance, the structure was condemned and became vacant. Soon thereafter, the property became overgrown and a local dumping site. Every time Jim was home visiting his parents, they would complain about the abandoned building next door and the state of its growing disrepair. After Colorado legalized retail cannabis in 2012, Jim and Pam decided to buy the building and turn it into a dispensary and manufacturing business.
“We dumped our entire life savings, Pam quit her teaching job, and two years later, here we are,” he says. “Very rarely do you see a business professor who actually runs a business. I’m seeing if what I teach actually works — and thankfully, it does.”

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Our Suite of Consumer Products

Purplebee's is committed to producing the highest quality products in the Colorado cannabis market. Contact our team to learn more about our full suite of products, from vapes to concentrates to topicals.

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Bulk Wholesale Extracts

Purplebee's is best known for our ability to produce high quality bulk cannabis extracts to support large and scaling partners in the Colorado infused-product market. Contact us to learn more about wholesale product and contract manufacturing opportunities.

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