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Our Signature Products

We offer bulk distillate and contract manufacturing as well as packaged products. From bulk cannabis concentrates to branded therapeutic topicals - we offer a suite of products you will love and that you can trust.

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Wholesale Extract & Contract Manufacturing

Looking for a trusted partner to manufacture bulk distillate, bulk oil, or other bulk cannabis extracts? Looking for a manufacturing or packaging partner for your cannabis product business? We offer several product lines to meet your specifications. We'd love to hear from you.


Vape Products

Our distillate vape cartridges offer a little something for everyone. With a variety of both cannabis flavors and fruity flavors, our distillate vapes offer > 80% THC potency and a flavorful, balanced flavor experience.

We offer three different vape products:

  • 1000mg distillate cartridge

  • 500mg distillate cartridge

  • 300mg All-In-One distillate vape

Each colored tip indicates a different terpene blend profile that will help you to achieve a desired experience. 

  • Want to chill? Try our available flavors with a purple tip (indica)

  • Want to feel energized and focus? Try our red tip flavors (sativa)

  • Want to feel balanced and try a new flavor? Green it is! (hybrid)

  • 1:1 CBD dominant flavors are also available for a more balanced, relaxed effect.


Concentrate Products

Our concentrates are some of our favorite OG products. We also have new innovative products to meet your cannabis needs.

The Purplebee's Full Spectrum Concentrate is the OG product. Also known as "whole plant extract", this product captures a variety of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other natural components of the plant that work synergistically to provide what many customers say to be a therapeutic and medicinal effect. Extracted using pure CO2 technology. Testing at 65%+ THC.

Our Purplebee's Distillate Syringe offers some freedom with your favorite distillate. The applicator device offers a more precise dosing mechanism to utilize your favorite flavored distillate. Testing at 80%+ THC.

Our Purplebee's Solventless Flower Rosin is a pure solventless extract produced from your favorite high quality bud using only heat and pressure. No butane, propane, or other solvents. The product delivers whole plant extract flavors and profiles from the natural plant terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids to achieve an entourage effect. Testing at 70%+ THC.


Wellness Products

This is not your great-grandmother's salve. Purplebee's is the best cannabis topical on the market with powerful effects. Quite frankly, it's magical. Formulated in 2016, our Cannabalm Salve is a self-care essential. Tried and tested by hundreds of customers, this emollient-rich salve formula protects, moisturizes, and soothes the skin. Once you try it you'll never go back. Trust us.

  • Made with herbal and essential oils that support topical relief and recovery

  • Formulated with natural beeswax - the Purplebee's way

  • 1:1 Formula – 100mg THC: 100mg CBD

  • New sleek, certified child-resistant, and eco-friendly/recyclable package


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